Experience a Taste Beyond Expectation

If it’s not Broaster™, it’s not Broasted®.

This is truly one-of-a-kind chicken. And the only one that delivers memorable meal experiences for customers. It’s Genuine Broaster™ Chicken®, and it’s been a trusted iconic brand for more than 60 years.

Genuine Broaster™ chicken is prepared with only fresh, hormone-free chicken, proprietary ingredients, and our patented cooking process.

A plate of food with some chicken and french fries

It’s pressure fried in a patented Broaster™ pressure fryer. The end result is an amazing aroma and incomparable taste that chicken lovers crave.

A taste beyond expectation. It’s the taste of chicken perfected and the only one that can truly be called genuine Broaster™ chicken.

Watch the short 45 second video below from the hit show Man V. Food!